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The highest ranking academic officer in the University of Nebraska system, Dr. Linda Pratt, will address University of Nebraska at Kearney summer graduates in ceremonies on Friday, July 27.


Dr. Pratt, who is the NU executive vice president and provost, will address 241UNK graduates, the largest group of summer graduates to walk across the stage since 1994. Of those, 142 will receive graduate degrees. Those receiving graduate degrees represent the second largest number of graduate students on record to take part in summer graduation.


According to Robyn Schoenebeck, UNK graduation coordinator, 112 of the graduate degree recipients are earning their graduate degrees in education. The 10 a.m. ceremonies will take place in the UNK Nebraskan Student Union.


Dr. Pratt has be NU’s highest academic officer for six years. She joined the faculty in the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Department of English in 1968. From 1995 to 2005, she was department chair. She also served as interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 2000 to 2001.


Among her accomplishments as executive vice president and provost has been her leadership in implementing the new Student Information System, a project that included all four NU campuses and the three state colleges. Dr. Pratt also worked with faculty to draft the proposal for the new Buffett Early Childhood Institute and proposed the Thompson Learning Communities.


She has served on numerous national boards and committees and is widely published in areas such as the financing of higher education, academic freedom, challenges facing part-time faculty and other issues in academe.


Dr. Pratt earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida Southern College, and her master’s and doctoral degrees from Emory University. Among her honors is the Emory University Distinguished Alumni Award and a Distinguished Teaching Award from NU. She has served as the national president of the American Association of University Professors and the Association of Departments of English, and has chaired the university-wide Gender Equity Task Force, the UNL Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women, and the National Academic Rights and Responsibilities Committee of the Modern Language Association of America.


The Friday commencement ceremonies will open with the National Anthem, performed by a quartet led by Dr. James Payne, UNK music professor, on trumpet. Student members of the quartet will include: Vergil Nelson of Kearney, trombone; Jonathan Hunzeker of Minden, trombone; and Matthew Stubbs ofMinden, trumpet.


UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen will give the welcome, and Cameron Deter, UNK student regent from Red Oak, Iowa, will give greetings on behalf of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Vanessa Leeper Jones of Colorado Springs, Colo., will give graduate reflections for the Class of 2012. Jack Garrison, associate professor in the UNK Department of Music and Performing Arts/Theatre, will serve as grand marshal.


For those unable to attend commencement in person, the event will be available as a webcast. The information for the webcast is located on the UNK homepage, or by visiting In addition, individuals on campus can view ceremonies via Campus Cable TV, Channel 20-1.


The graduates are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates. Nebraska graduates are listed in alphabetical order by hometown. Out-of-state graduates are listed in alphabetical order by state. International graduates are listed in alphabetical order by country.




NOTE: Abbreviations that appear in the listings, and what they represent, are as follows:


Undergraduate Degrees:

BA - Bachelor of Arts

BAE - Bachelor of Arts in Education

BS - Bachelor of Science

BSE - Bachelor of Science in Education

BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

BGS - Bachelor of General Studies

BM - Bachelor of Music


Graduate Degrees:

EDS - Education Specialist

MA - Master of Arts

MAE - Master of Arts in Education

MS - Master of Science

MSE - Master of Science in Education

MBA - Master of Business Administration


NOTE: Subject abbreviations in listings include:


ADMIN, Administration; BIOL, Biology; BUS, Business; CHEM, Chemistry; COMM,

Communication; COMP, Comprehensive; CONST, Construction; DEVEL,

Development; DIST, Distribution; ECON, Economics; EDU, Education; ELEM,

Elementary; EMPH, Emphasis; END, Endorsement; ENVIR, Environmental; GEO,

Geography; INDUS, Industrial; INFO, Information; INTERP, Interpretation; MARK,

Marketing; MATH, Mathematics; MGMT, Management; MOD, Moderate; MUS, Music

PHYS, Physical; PROD, Production; SCI, Science; SECOND, Secondary; SCHL, School;

SOC, Social; STU, Students; SP ED, Special Education; SYS, Systems; TECH,

Technology; THEA, Theatre; TRANS, Translation; VOC, Vocational.


NOTE: HONORS. Students graduating with honors have the honors and

selected honors organizations noted after their names. Honors, along with the

grade point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude,

3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention,

3.50-3.69. Honors organizations and the designations listed after students' names

include: Honors Program (H), Mortar Board (MB) and Phi Kappa Phi (PKP).






Students are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, along with their degrees, majors and honors:


Ainsworth- Jory Daniels BS          Criminal Justice Comp                

Albion- Suzanne Riley MSEd Community Counseling            

Alexandria- Nicholas          Mumm MAEd School Principalship 7-12           

Allen-  Whitney Smith BS Industrial Distribution Comp          

Alliance- Jennifer Lanik MAEd Curriculum and Instruction               

Alliance- Shawna Rischling MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Alma- Amanda Pfeil MSEd Science/Math Education             

Amherst- Sherrie Dux-Ideus MSEd Instructional Technology           

Amherst- Bo Fisher BS Criminal Justice Comp           

Anselmo- Howard Gaffney EdS School Superintendent                  

Arnold- Delite          Weinman MAEd Reading PK-12            

Auburn- Ashley Aerts MSEd Instructional Technology           

Axtell- Kevin Oberg BS Industrial Distribution Comp             

Ayr- Deanne Sypherd MAEd Reading PK-12              

Bartley- Amanda Teter BS Athletic Training               

Bassett- Patrick Williams BS Industrial Distribution Comp  Magna Cum Laude

Beatrice- William Arnold III MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Bellevue- John Hannah MSEd Instructional Technology                  

Bellevue- Laura Swanson MAEd Reading PK-12                  

Bertrand- Sara Scholz MSEd Science/Math Education         

Blair- Jill Wellwood MAEd Reading PK-12                  

Blue Hill- Carol Matthews MSEd Speech Language Pathology                  

Bow Valley- Michelle          Thoene MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                  

Cairo- Samantha Hahn BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp        H

Campbell- Krista Karr MSEd Speech Language Pathology              

Central City- Benjamin Blasé MAEd School Principalship PK-8                  

Central City- Larissa Schuele MAEd Music Education           

Clay Center- Jennifer        Meyer MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Columbus-    Joseph         Jasper          BS      Business Administration              

Columbus-    Nancy Jimenez        BS      Social Work           

Columbus-    Richa  Perkins         MSEd Instructional Technology             

Culbertson-   John   Roschewski   MBA   Business Administration              

De Witt-        Tera   Stokebrand   MSEd Community Counseling               

Doniphan- Amy de la Motte          BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp Honorable Mention

Doniphan- Christy Kathman BS Radiography Comp Honorable Mention   

Doniphan- Harlan Ptomey EdS School Superintendent                   

Elkhorn- Janelle Jaworski MAEd Music Education

Elkhorn- Jacklyn Keithley BS Psychology

Elm Creek- Jami Schaffnitt MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                    

Eustis- Kevin Keller  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Franklin- Holly Largent MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                

Fremont- Caleb Chvatal BFA Visual Communication & Design Comp         H

Fremont- Kevin Janssen - MAEd, School Principalship PK-8

Fremont- Rebecca McMickell BS Journalism: News Editorial          

Fremont- Tarah Sorensen MAEd Curriculum and Instruction           

Geneva- Karma Yantzie MAEd School Principalship 7-12               

Gering- Lisa  Hadenfeldt    MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Gering- Travis         Lindhorst      MAEd PE Exercise Science                  

Gering- Andrew       Stobel MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Gibbon- Jessica      Majer  BS      Organizational Communication Comp              

Gibbon- Nathaniel   Porter BS      Criminal Justice Comp                

Gothenburg- Seth   Johnson        BS      Criminal Justice Comp                

Gothenburg- Anne  Ostendorf     MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Gothenburg- Adam Yilk     BAE    Social Science 7-12          

Grand Island-          Amanda Brunkhorst BS Criminal Justice Comp 

Grand Island-          Patsy  Cornelius BAE Elementary Education              

Grand Island-          Brittany Galvan BS Industrial Distribution Comp        

Grand Island-          Danielle Webben BS Radiography Comp

Grand Island- Brandon Wissing, BS Business Administration Comp          

Grant- Shawn Cole  MAEd School Principalship 7-12            

Gretna- Jennifer Long MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                

Gretna- Jared Stubbe BS Business Administration               

Hastings- Desiree Maar BS          Criminal Justice                

Hastings- Aubrey Miller MAEd Curriculum and Instruction               

Hastings- Ashley Speak MAEd Curriculum and Instruction PKP

Hayes Center- Rhea Softley MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                  

Hazard- Matthew Long BS Construction Management Comp          

Hemingford- Carla Herstead MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                 

Holdrege- Casey Klein MAEd Special Education                   

Humboldt- Kayla Wittrock BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management  Comp   

Imperial- Jordan German BS Business Administration Comp

Kearney- James Arrowood MAEd Music Education               

Kearney- Elise Brauer BS Exercise Science Comp               

Kearney- Natalie Burling BS Organizational Communication Comp            

Kearney- Collette Buskirk BS Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp           

Kearney- Brittney Casper BS Industrial Distribution Comp              

Kearney- Michell Fox BS Business Administration Comp                

Kearney- Casey Jansky BS          Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp                   

Kearney- Carrie Jensen BS Interior Design Comp                

Kearney- Michael Jensen MSEd Instructional Technology                                   

Kearney- Chencheng Liao BS Business Administration Comp                   

Kearney- Kiley Luchsinger MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Kearney- Amber Matteson BS Business Administration Comp                  

Kearney- Seth McBride BS Psychology           

Kearney- Dane Melson BS Business Administration             

Kearney- Brittany Musil BA History Honorable Mention       

Kearney- Kathrine Schroeder BS Business Administration Comp              

Kearney- Tara Tourney BS Business Administration             

Kearney- Crystal Vinderslev MSEd Community Counseling             

La Vista- Ralph Healey III  BS Criminal Justice           

Lexington- Patricia Margritz MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                  

Lexington- Gustavo Ramirez BS Criminal Justice Cum Laude        

Lexington- Carrie Schwarz BS Family Studies            

Lexington- William Shaffer MAEd School Principalship 7-12            

Lexington- Elizabeth Ambriz BAE Spanish 7-12          

Lincoln- Michelle Adler MAEd Reading PK-12             

Lincoln- Michelle Allen BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp                   

Lincoln- Julie Forsman MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                

Lincoln- Brian Kaiser MAEd Curriculum and Instruction                   

Lincoln- Beth O'Hanlon MAEd Special Education                  

Lincoln- Ashleé Richards MSEd Community Counseling                 

Lincoln- Stephanie Schulz MAEd Curriculum and Instruction           

Lincoln- Amanda Zwiener MAEd Curriculum and Instruction            

Litchfield-      Dexter          Goodner       BAE    Health and PE K-12          

Loomis-        Rebecca       Lauby MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

McCook-       Tyler   Cobb  BAE    Music K-12            

McCook-       Meagan        Doyle  BS      Biology Comp Honorable Mention H

Minden-        Katie   Chramosta    MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Mullen-         Lana   LaBore         BS      Biology Comp                   

Neligh-          Craig  Payne BS      Health Science                 

Norfolk-        Jennifer        Judt    MS     Biology                  

Norfolk-        Kimberly       Keller  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Norfolk-        Terri   Kerkman       MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

North Platte- Sharon         Axthelm        MSEd Instructional Technology             

North Platte- Amanda        Connick        BS      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp          

North Platte- Cindy  Delp   MAEd Special Education             

North Platte- Katherine      Harris BGS   General Studies               

North Platte- Thomas        Shafer          BS      Construction Management Comp          

Ogallala-       Laura  DeVries        MSEd Instructional Technology             

Ogallala-       Mary   Hernandez    BS      Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp                   

Ogallala-       Travis Kirchner        BS      Biology                  

Omaha-        Mariann        Bakk   MAEd Reading PK-12                 

Omaha-        Lindsay         Boler  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Jennifer        Bruck  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Anneice        Jones MAEd Special Education             

Omaha-        Treldon         Jones BS      Organizational Communication Comp              

Omaha-        Amy   Katt    MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Anna  Lukehart       MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Laura  Matthies       MAEd Physical Education           

Omaha-        Laura  McGrew        MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Sally   Shepherd      MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Jennifer        Stark  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Omaha-        Holly   Thomas        BS Psychology        Honorable Mention H

Oshkosh-      David  Kennedy       BS Construction Management Comp     

Pierce-          Michael         Sindt   MAEd Music Education               

Pleasanton-  Justin Albers BS      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp                   

Ponca-          Paula  Larsen          MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Ralston-        Beth   McGrath       MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Schuyler-      Paul    Knutson        MBA   Business Administration              

Schuyler-      Gabby          Quezada-Estrada    BS      Business Administration Comp          

Seward-        Nicholas        Reifenrath     BS      Industrial Distribution Comp                  

Shelton-        Edgar Lopez BS      Industrial Distribution Comp                  

Sidney-          Jessie          Golden         BS      Radiography Comp  Magna Cum Laude

Sidney-          Korie Mitchell         MSEd Instructional Technology             

South Sioux City-    Stacie Johnson        MSEd Instructional Technology             

Spalding-      Mark   Goodrich       BS      Industrial Distribution Comp               

Spencer-       Stacy  Ludwig          MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Stromsburg-  Ashley          Beck   BS      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp          

Superior-      Beverly         Beavers        MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Sutton-         Jennifer        Stengel         MAEd School Principalship 7-12            

Taylor-          Mark   Sortum         MSEd Science Education            

Tecumseh-   Laura  Field   BS      Business Administration Comp              

Tecumseh-   Scott  Wenzl BS      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp                   

Tryon- Michael         Connick        BS      Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp                   

Utica- Carolyn         Hirschfeld     MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Valentine- James Bachelor BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp  Magna Cum Laude

Valentine-     Kasandra      Epke   MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Valentine-     Julia   Hoefs MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Verdigre-      Ross   Pierce MBA   Business Administration PKP

West Point-   Laura  Buse   BS      Athletic Training Comp                

West Point-   Melissa         Stutzman      MAEd Reading PK-12                 

Wood River- Seth   Webster        BS      Recreation Management             

Worms-        Jennifer        Ippensen      MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

York-  Elizabeth       Kavan MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

York-  Alex    Larkin BS      Industrial Distribution Comp                  




Out-of-state students are listed below in alphabetical order by state and then in alphabetical order by city.



Phoenix        Samantha     Kramer         MS     Biology



Chula Vista   Andrei Lucas BA      Business Administration              

Los Angeles  Bich    Tran   MS     Biology



Colorado Springs     Vanessa       Jones BA Business Administration Summa Cum Laude H

Colorado Springs     Vanessa       Jones BS      Sports Administration Summa Cum Laude H

Colorado Springs     Kristen          Strong          BS      Physical Education Comp           

Loveland       Andrew         Keirns BS      Construction Management Comp          

Telluride        Colin   Hubbard       MS     Biology



Atlantic Beach         Julie   LaGoy          MAEd Reading PK-12                 

Winter Haven          Natalie          Helms MAEd Art Education         



Athens          Samantha     Barrett  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction



Haleiwa         Lucas Pignolet        MS     Biology



Altoona         Christopher   Estling          MS     Biology                  

Carroll Katie   Zach   MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Council Bluffs          Arielle Huber BS      Aviation Systems Management Comp Magna Cum Laude

Emmetsburg Steven          Sonksen       MA     History                   

Humboldt      Nicole Fusco MS     Biology                  

Indianola       Jeffrey          Drahota        MS     Biology                  

Merrill Charlene       Price   MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Nora Springs Shannon       Dykstra         MAEd Curriculum and Instruction



Chicago Ridge         Janis  Lawrence      MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Davis Junction         Beth   Kleinschmidt MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Springfield     Janel  Comerford    MSEd Instructional Technology             

Springfield     Jennifer        Gilman          MAEd Physical Education 



Lansing         Stacey          DeRousse     MA     History                   

Manhattan    Carolyn         Wirtz  BGS   General Studies               

Norton          Brianna         Felton BS      Radiography Comp  Honorable Mention         

Stockton       Jordan          Stithem         MAEd Physical Education           

Valley Falls   Drew  Schmidt        MAEd PE Exercise Science



Brooksville    Danielle        Smith  MAEd Art Education         



Addison        Heather        Smith  MS     Biology                  

Belmont        Brittany         Kingsley        MAEd Physical Education           

East Jordan  Clayton         Faivor MS     Biology



Duluth Amber          Haglund-Pagel        MS     Biology                  

Rochester     Scott  Cunningham MS     Biology                  

Vadnais Heights      Timothy        Urban BS      Business Administration Comp



Kansas City  Kari    Perry  MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Kirkwood       Tara   Westhoff       MAEd Art Education                   

Windsor        Bradley         Wesner         MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          



Sanford        Traci   Raley  MS     Biology        



Fargo Laura  Lucas MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Minot  Aaron Ament MS     Biology


NEW JERSEY                  

Point Pleasant Beach        Eugene         DeLutio         MAEd Curriculum and Instruction    



Las Vegas    Felix   Segovia        BS      Aviation Systems Management Comp



Mechanicsburg        Dianne          Hoellman      MS     Biology                  

Monongahela          Chad  Springer        MS     Biology


SOUTH DAKOTA             

Martin Justin Risse  BS      Recreation Management



Powell Gary   Phillips          MS     Biology                   PKP

Spring City    Charlene       Yarger          MSEd Instructional Technology



Corpus Christi         Cherie Varian MA     History                   

Houston        Daniel Woods          EdS    School Superintendent



Alexandria     Mary   Linn    MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

Falls Church  Kristy  Conn  MS     Biology



Seattle          Elaina Audette         MS     Biology



Stoughton     Lisa    Shimon         MAEd Music Education



Sheridan       Jennifer        Betz   MA     History                   

Sheridan       Abigail Mowry          MSEd Instructional Technology             




International graduates are listed below in alphabetical order by country and then by alphabetical order by city within each country:


China  Heihe  Xiaodi Gai     MAEd Curriculum and Instruction          

China  Kunming       Yunfeng        Huang BS      Business Administration Comp              

Colombia      Bogota          Angelica        Jaimes Hernandez  BFA    Visual Communication & Design Comp  

Cote D'Ivoire Abidjan         Ahouade       Kouadio-IV    BS      Business Administration Comp                  

Japan Osaka-shi     Yuichiro        Mine   BS      Exercise Science              

Japan Saijo   Hiroaki          Ito      BS      Biology Comp                   

Japan Yuri Honjo     Masato         Kato   MBA   Business Administration              

Malawi          Blantyre        Christopher   Kanyuka       BA      Economics             

Nepal  Kuleshwor     Sanjeev        Pathak          BS      Business Administration Comp